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Manufacturer Light MountainFront Panel Light Mountain Natural Color the Gray!hair color & conditionerRedcouleur de cheveux et conditionneurRouxEnhanced FormulaNatural Botanicals and Nothing Else2 Step Process for Hair More than 10% White , Gray or Platinum BlondeEffective & EconomicalNo Synthetic ChemicalsSafe , Natural Hair ColorCruelty FreeUSDA OrganicNet Wt. 7 oz. (198 g)Supplement...


Light Mountain

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Light Mountain Natural Color the Gray!
hair color & conditioner
couleur de cheveux et conditionneur
Enhanced Formula
Natural Botanicals and Nothing Else
2 Step Process for Hair More than 10% White , Gray or Platinum Blonde
Effective & Economical
No Synthetic Chemicals
Safe , Natural Hair Color
Cruelty Free
USDA Organic
Net Wt. 7 oz. (198 g)

Supplement Facts

Light Mountain Natural Color the Gray! Is a 2 Step process developed to give
better coverage for hair more than 10% White , Gray , or Platinum Blonde. The
natural botanicals protect and nourish hair and help restore body and shine
while gently depositing color. Our formulas use a finer mesh powder. The
prepared hair color will have a creamier consistency allowing for smoother
application , easier rinsing , and better color release.
Money back guarantee. Not to exceed the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price.
Shipping and Handling not included. Return if not completely satisfied.
Garantie de remboursement. Ne pas depasser le prix de detail suggere par le
fabricant. Frais de port et de manutention non inclus. Retourner si pas
completement satisfait.


Lawsonia Inermis (Henna) Leaf Powder*
*Certified Organic/Contenu Biologique
Certified Organic by / Certifie biologique
par International Certification Services , Inc.
Complete application kit
Includes illustrated instructions with cap and gloves
Use nonmetal utensils
Distilled water recommended